Jerry Pollock

Jerry PollockJerry Pollock, drums/percussion, began his career as a professional musician at the age of 14, and has played all styles of music with symphonic orchestras, jazz bands and ensembles, and theater pit bands. Jerry has also been strongly influenced by the Big Band legacy in part due to his four years of experience with the Illinois State University Jazz Ensemble led by Jim Boitos, and is an exceptionally musical drummer, adding invaluable imaginative touches to any music he performs. His deft brushwork is reminiscent of Joe Morello and is a frequent feature of Trio arrangements. Jerry often takes a tuneful approach to his improvisation, combining the timbre of the drums with rhythm in such a way as to suggest the melody line.

He studied with Chicago drummers Bob Tilles, Staff drummer for CBS Chicago, and Chicago jazz legend Marshall Thompson, who recorded and performed with many artists including Stan Getz.

In 2006, Jerry became an endorser for the Bosphorus Cymbal Co., and served as the Marketing Director for the Kansas City Jazz Ambassadors. Jerry also serves as the Business Manager for the Leslie Maclean Trio, and holds an MBA from the University of Chicago.

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