Congratulations on your decision to start your child on a journey of musical exploration!

Music education is a valuable resource which can lead to a lifetime of enjoyment for your student. When a student first learns an instrument, they are paired with an instrument that will allow them to master the basic techniques. These introductory instruments are generally designed for durability and affordability. And while we, at the Tune Shop, have selected high quality models that will last your student many years, there often comes a time when a student’s technical ability outgrows the limitations of a beginner instrument. This is the time to consider a step-up instrument. Step-up instruments are built with higher quality materials, and with more advanced craftsmanship, which leads to improved instrument response, intonation, and overall richness of sound. Moreover, these instruments are specifically designed to help your student maximize their potential and take that next step musically. When you and your student are ready for this next step, please visit our store to hear and play our generous selection of step-up instruments. Call 913-682-3453 or email with any additional questions or for more information.