Frank Nawrot

Frank NawrotDr. Frank Nawrot is a Kansas-based, Michigan-born composer, guitarist, and educator. Frank has been teaching guitar, piano, bass, and drums for over a decade. He has earned a reputation for being a passionate and creative teacher to students of all ages. Frank’s training as a musician first began in high school choir and band. In 2006, he and a childhood friend formed a successful regional rock band in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As the band’s singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Frank first learned how to write music and connect with audiences. Frank’s musical roots are in rock, R&B, and hip-hop. Classical music was on his periphery during his youth. It was in his first year in college that he heard and fell in love with the music of Maurice Ravel. By way of such classical music, Frank became increasingly interested in contemporary classical music. He strives to find effective ways to share his breadth and depth of musical knowledge with all of his students so that they too may have a meaningful relationship with the art form.

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