Brass / Guitar / Percussion / Piano / Strings / Voice / Woodwinds

The Tune Shop offers private one-on-one music lessons with a professional teacher held in our spacious studios. As a student at the Tune Shop, you will enjoy private teaching as well as access to all needed books, sheet music and a full line of accessories/supplies.

* Music lessons are 30 minute private/one-on-one instruction.
* Cost is $80.00/month for most months. ($20.00 per lesson.)
* A full range of musical instrument lessons are available.
* Each teacher has a proven track record in music education and performance. All have music or education degrees and/or an equivalent number of years in performance. Our staff comprises a community of musical professionals who help shape the face of music for the Leavenworth and greater Kansas City area. The Tune Shop has long been recognized as the community resource for everything musical.

Lesson Fee/Attendance Policy: Your lesson fees reserve your student’s position on the schedule. Lesson fees are based on the number of lessons scheduled for each month. Lesson fees are based on the teacher’s attendance not the student’s. When the teacher is there to teach and your student is unavailable due to illness or other activities you are still responsible to pay for the lesson. Most months your student will have four lessons. In months where there are five lessons your lesson fee will be $100.00. There is no reduced fee for missed lessons due to student absence. Should the teacher be unable to attend a lesson, you will not be charged for that lesson.

When you know in advance that your student must be absent from their lesson please notify the teacher or The Tune Shop. We are often able to reschedule the occasional missed lesson. Because we must work with the teacher’s regular schedule we ask for reasonable notice (minimum 24 hours) if your student must miss. Please check with your teacher or call the store to see if a time is available to reschedule a lesson.

Inclement Weather Policy: When lessons are canceled by the teacher or the store due to adverse weather conditions, you will not be charged for that lesson. The Tune Shop will contact you by phone to notify you that your lesson has been canceled. Should you decide not to attend your lesson due to weather conditions, please notify the store by phone. However, if the teacher has not canceled lessons for that day, you are still responsible to pay for that lesson.